The Mad Ferret Band Sunday Social Open Mic

The Mad Ferret Band Sunday Social Open Mic - The Venue, Perth

The Mad Ferret Band Sunday Social Open Mic – The Venue, Perth


After six years of fantastic music, the Mad Ferret Band Sunday Social is moving to a new Perth venue. 

Perth, Scotland. 15/01/17

For six years renown local folk group, The Mad Ferret Band, have been leading a progressive open mic called The Sunday Social. It’s received high acclaim from musicians and audiences alike for the unique collaborative nature of the day, and boasts performances from many internationally touring artists. 

As of Sunday 15th January the weekly event will be moving from its current location in The Twa Tams, to The Venue (36 St John’s St, Perth). 

Chris Woods from The Mad Ferret Band said, “We just love to play music! The Sunday Social has been an amazing experience to lead. We get a fantastic mix of musicians and styles – for me, it’s what Sunday’s are all about!” 

Chris continued, “The new year gives us a chance to shake things up and spread the love. The new central venue will draw a wider audience and musician pool whilst keeping the same vibe we previously had.”

Chris’ band mate, Sandy Stirton, added, “We’re very excited about the change of venue, we’ve got the chance to expand on the current format and draw in more people. Ask anyone who’s been to the Sunday Social and they’ll talk to you about the wealth of talent, and how it’s the only place to be on a Sunday!”
“The Venue (36 St John’s St.) has risen to the challenge of hosting the open mic. The owner has embraced the ethos and format which characterises the Sunday Social, and we’re stoked to get a chance to expand on our previous ideas.”
“They’ve also got a fantastic drinks selection- 250 malts, 200 gins, 100+ rums, 80 wines…. Plus a 10% drinks discount, and free stovies for attendees. Beast!”

The day is regularly attended by a mixture of both local and touring bands and musicians. The variety of genres and amount of session musicians involved has lead to countless innovative performances over the years, sometimes with a 15-piece band! 

The Sunday Social is held every Sunday, 3:30-7:30pm, in its new location, The Venue (36 St John’s St, Perth). 

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